The Domain

For an increased level of privacy, consider using the domain

The domain was added to our collection of domains for those who prefer a higher level of security and privacy. As the name of the domain suggests, server-side archiving is disabled for the accounts on this domain. If you use an account on this domain, keep in mind the following:

  • Multiple devices accessing the same account on the domain cannot query message history and thus will not synchronize.
  • A person who chats with you can be certain that you are not archiving messages on the server.
  • A person who chats with you will likely be archiving your messages on a server somewhere unless he or she is also using an account on the domain.
  • If you send messages to an account on the domain while the recipient is offline, the messages will be saved on this server until the recipient connects and receives them, at which time they will be deleted from the server.
  • From the Account Management Page, you can review and purge the archive for an account on the domain but there will never be any messages to review or to purge.

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Last modified July 31, 2020