Instant Messaging

Send and receive instant messages.

Instant Communication Using

Instant Messaging With is a service you can use to exchange instant messages with anyone. uses the XMPP protocol. does not require that you provide your mobile telephone number or your email address. You are certain that the people who run the server have no way to identify you.

In order for you to send instant messages to someone, you and your contact must be visible to each other on the internet. The problem with attempting to communicate directly with each other is that each person’s IP address changes as each moves from place to place. So, to find another person and stay connected, acts as a go‑between.

The XMPP Network is a member of the XMPP network. This means that your address can communicate with anyone else who has an address on the XMPP network, even when your contact’s domain is different from your own or when the services are run by different entities, such as and

Instant Messaging for Users on Different Domains.

Software Clients

You can communicate with others from your browser using a web client, but you will probably prefer the experience using a software client. There are many to choose from and they are available for different operating systems.

Some of the many software options

Topics covered on this page:

  • XEP-0034: SASL Integration
  • XEP-0288: Bidirectional Server-to-Server Connections


Connecting for the First Time


Creating Your Profile.


Your Contact List, Buddy List, Roster

Privacy Lists

Creating a Privacy List

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