Connecting for the First Time

Connecting for the First Time

After installing a chat software, you will need only your XMPP ID and your password to add your account to the client. Here we use Psi, an excellent XMPP client, as an example of how to do it.

From the menu, choose Account Setup.

Add a new account to the software's list of accounts. Do not "Register new account" because you have already created the account from the website. does not support registering accounts directly from clients, also known as “In-band Registration”.

Type in your exact XMPP ID and your password, choose the settings you prefer.

Change your status to "Online" to connect to the server.

Now you are connected and ready to chat.

Topics covered on this page:

  • XEP-0029: Definition of XMPP IDs, also known as Jabber IDs (JIDs)
  • XEP-0034: SASL Integration
  • XEP-0077: In-Band Registration


Connecting from behind a Firewall

Last modified May 29, 2020