Connecting from behind a Firewall

Connecting When port 5222 is Blocked

To determine if port 5222 is blocked, point your browser to this URL.

Your browser will respond with either " sent an invalid response" or "This site cannot be reached".

If your browser responds “ sent an invalid response” then port 5222 is not blocked. You should be able to connect an XMPP client to without a special configuration.

If the browser responds with “This site cannot be reached”, then port 5222 is almost certainly blocked by a firewall.

Browser as an XMPP Client

If port 5222 is blocked, one option is to use the web client on the website.

A BOSH Connection

Another option to get beyond a block of port 5222 is to setup a BOSH connection in your chat client. BOSH is a method of serving XMPP over an https connection, and it will run over port 443, the standard port for https.

If you can see this page, then you can use a BOSH connection.

Configure Gajim for BOSH

Launch the "Accounts" dialog from the main menu. Click on the account, and click "Connection". Click the wrench button in the Proxy category.

The BOSH URL is You must incude the trailing forward-slash. This URL will work for an account with any of our domains.

Select the Bosh configuration in the Proxy category and your client should be able to connect.

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Last modified May 29, 2020