Privacy Lists

Creating a Privacy List

Block a User By Adding His XMPP ID to your Privacy List

Moe receives a message with a sales pitch from someone he has never heard of.

Moe finds the sender in "Not in List", right clicks the XMPP ID and blocks him.

Moe wants to take a look at his privacy list. He right clicks his nickname at the top and chooses Privacy Lists.

Here we see that is blocked.

The next message sent my does not go through.

Block an Entire Domain from Your Privacy List

Moe receives a threatening message from someone he does not know, and from a domain he has never seen before.

This unwanted message arrives. Moe does not respond. He opens his privacy list and adds a rule to block the domain.

Moe clicks "Add" and for JID he just types in the domain.

Moe clicks "Apply" before closing the window.

The next message sent from the extortionist is blocked.

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Last modified May 30, 2020