Multi-User Chat

Create a chatroom to chat with multiple people

Multi-user chat, sometimes called groupchat, is easy to do on

A chatrooms is identified by an XMPP ID (JID) such as The correct domain for chatrooms is

There are four primary settings you should understand when creating and administering your chatrooms.

When you create a chatroom on, it will be public, hidden, interim, and not archived. The first two of these settings can be changed by the chatroom owner.

Primary Chatroom default settings on

  • Public - no password needed for others to enter your chatroom. You can change this.
  • Hidden - your chatroom will not be discoverable by others. You can change this.
  • Interim - your chatroom will be destroyed when the last participant disconnects. If you want a persistent chatroom, you can request one from the Account Management Page.
  • Not Archived - the messages of interim chatrooms are not stored on disk.

Topics covered on this page:

Interim Multi-User Chatrooms

Create an Interim Chatroom

Persistent Multi-User Chatrooms

Persistent Chatrooms

Chatroom Profile

A Chatroom is more interesting with a profile

Administering a Chatroom

Basic Chatroom Administration

Discovering Public Chatrooms

Discover and Enter Chatrooms on Servers around the world

Chatrooms Bookmarks

Bookmarks make it easy to find and enter chatrooms


Submitting blocks of text into a chatroom.

Last modified April 9, 2020