Interim Multi-User Chatrooms

Create an Interim Chatroom has a simplified configuration for interim chatrooms to make it fast and easy to create and use one.

The correct domain for chatrooms is

Here we see Eve creating a chatroom:

From the menu of her Psi-Plus XMPP client, Eve selects "Join Groupchat".

By joining a chatroom that does not exist, Eve creates a new chatroom. The correct domain for chatrooms is Eve sets a nickname for herself as "eve". People who enter the room will see her nickname but not her full XMPP ID.

Eve configures her room. She wants her room to be discoverable by the public, so she puts an interesting title, description, and checks the box to include the chatroom in public lists.

Here Eve sets the topic for the room. This message will be displayed to people as they enter the room.

From Eve's contact list, she finds her friend Bob and sends him an invitation. If a chatroom has a password the password will be included with the invitation.

Bob receives the invitation and by clicking "Accept" he joins the chatroom.

Interim Chatrooms are Best For

  • Ad hoc communication among three or more people
  • Communication about sensitive subjects that should not be archived

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Last modified June 5, 2020