Persistent Multi-User Chatrooms

Persistent Chatrooms

The correct domain for chatrooms is

A persistent chatroom will remain with its configuration, available for you to use, even if no one is connected to it.

You can request a persistent chatroom from the Account Management Page once your account has existed on the server for a period of 7 or more days.

There are many possible reasons to have and to use a persistent chatroom. With that in mind, offers more configuration options for persistent chatrooms than it does for interim chatrooms.

Chatroom Setting Can Be Configured in
Persistent Chatroom
Can Be Configured in
Interim Chatroom
Name Yes Yes
Description Yes Yes
Discoverable/Hidden Yes Yes
Password Entry/Public Yes Yes
Language Tag Yes No
Members Only Yes No
Allow Members to Invite Yes No
Allow Anyone to set Room Subject Yes No
Moderated Yes No
JID's may be viewed by Admin or Anyone Yes No

If you request a persistent chatroom, you will be able to configure it with all of these options. To learn more about configuring a chatroom, reivew the page Administering a Chatroom.

All persistent chatrooms on are archived which means that the messages are stored on disk until they expire. Messages expire after 7 days.

You can purge the archived messages of your persistent chatroom from the Account Management Page. This could be an important feature if someone leaves unwanted messages in your persistent chatroom.

Persistent Chatrooms are Best For

  • Chatroom as a form of entertainment
  • Public Discussions about specific subjects
  • Groups of known participants such as members-only chatrooms
  • Organizations with people who have different roles, obligations, and tasks
  • Family communication
  • A chatroom with a name or identity you want to own

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Last modified January 13, 2021