Chatroom Profile

A Chatroom is more interesting with a profile

A chatroom on can have a profile similar to a profile for a user.

Eve has requested a persistent chatroom. After being notified that it has been created, she configures it for its best appearance to the public. Only a person with the owner or administrator affiliation can make these changes.

From the Gajim XMPP client, to edit the profile, Eve starts by finding the "Manage Room" menu item.

Eve chooses "Upload Avatar".

Eve has edited an image of a slice of pie, about 500 by 500 pixels.

After about 30 seconds, the image appears in the profile of the chatroom.

From the menu, Eve chooses "Change Subject".

The subject Eve writes will be the text displayed to people as they enter the chatroom.

From the menu, Eve chooses "Configure Room".

Eve configures the room to be open to the public with an appropriate title and description.

The Gajim XMPP client shows the subject and image in the GroupChats list.

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Last modified June 11, 2020