Privacy Policy

The less we know about you, the better it is for everyone!
  • How can we figure out who you are? We can’t.
  • Will we ever share data about you with others? No! We don’t know who your are.
  • Do you control the chats and data you place on this server? Yes! You can delete them at your discretion.

How Protects your Privacy avoids collecting any identifying information about its users.

How Uses Cookies on the Website

  • Cookies are not used for 3rd party analytics or tracking of any kind
  • Cookies are used to keep a brief session while forms are in use in order to maintain consistency
  • Cookies are used on the Web Client in order to maintain the session

How Uses IP Addresses on the Website uses IP information to ensure that the service is not abused. IP addresses are recorded for the following objectives:

  • Allow the creation of one account per IP address every 6 hours
  • Allow 4 successive searches for available account IDs, then blocking further searches
  • Allow 6 successive errors while using any form, then blocking further activity
  • Allow repetitive use of forms without subjecting the service to abusive penetration testing

IP Addresses are recorded on the webiste for these reasons only. The records expire and are deleted from the server continuously, always within 6 hours.

An XMPP ID, also known as a Jabber ID, is never associated with an IP address.

How Uses IP Addresses on the Chat Server

Prosody XMPP Server logs IP addresses when a login fails. This information is used to keep accounts safe from brute force attacks. Prosody XMPP Server never logs IP addresses in association with actual XMPP IDs.

Last modified July 13, 2020