Terms of Service

By using e2e.ee, you agree to these terms.

e2e.ee, ee.e2e.ee, e2e.wtf, noarchive.chat, e2e.chat, e2e.video and eee2eee.site are domains held and used by e2e.ee. All these domains and the services provided on them are referred to as e2e.ee in this document.

e2e.ee is a public XMPP chat service. Its purpose is to provide a communication bridge between users. Its focus is on achieving as much privacy for its users as is technically and legally possible.

By using the services of e2e.ee, you are bound by the terms of service and acceptable use policies of e2e.ee. You have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these documents. You assert that you have the legal capacity to agree with these terms.

e2e.ee is located in Antioquia, Colombia. e2e.ee is owned and operated by Edward Stoever. Disputes with e2e.ee will be handled via the legal process in Antioquia, Colombia.

Initial contact for disputes, grievences and problems will all be handled in the support chatroom: support@e2e.chat.

The XMPP communication services provided by e2e.ee are provided as-is, without guarantee of any kind. You agree to use these services at your own risk. You will not hold e2e.ee responsible for any loss of any kind from the use of e2e.ee services.

You agree not to hold e2e.ee legally liable for any service interruptions, for any reason.

The information provided on the e2e.ee website is intended to be helpful, but is not guaranteed to be accurate. You agree not to hold e2e.ee legally liable for any errors or misrepresentations of fact on the website or its social media posts such as YouTube, Twitter, and Mastadon.

You agree that entering into one-on-one chats is done by you at your own risk. You agree that entering into group chat rooms at is done by you at your own risk. You understand that content distributed by XMPP chat is done by anonymous parties who may intend to harm you. You do not hold e2e.ee legally liable for the content transmitted via the e2e.ee service, be it written, graphic, programmatic, or otherwise, even if said content is harmful to you.

You understand that if you donate money to the e2e.ee service, the terms of service are not modified.

e2e.ee has the right to make changes to its terms of service and its acceptable use policy at any time. You agree that should e2e.ee change either document, posting the new documents on the website is sufficient notice of change.

e2e.ee has the right to discontinue service at any time and for any reason.

Last modified July 13, 2020