Thanks to our many providers!

Prosŏdy IM

The Prosŏdy XMPP server was chosen for because it is reliable, a non-profit project, open source and very well supported by an active community of developers. Furthermore, the server is coded in the Lua Programming Language, which is a straight-forward scripting language. The Prosody server can access different data sources, and my favorite choice among them is the MariaDB database.


MariaDB was forked from MySql with the objective of keeping the software free and open sourced. I love MariaDB! MariaDB database has grown into a trustworthy, full-featured data-source without the cost or hassle associated with licensing.


Our wonderful web client is called Converse.js and it was created by opkode.


Hugo is a content management software that enables building a complex website from static text files. Hugo speeds up website development and keeps the bulk of the content out of a database, making page loads very fast.


Docsy is a Hugo website theme that I used to create the look and feel of

To prevent spammers from easily swithcing IP addressses to create numerous accounts, we disable our create accounts form for IP addresses known to be proxies, VPNs and Tor exit nodes. This is done by querying the IP database of


Formr makes building html forms much easier!


I have been using PuTTY terminal emulator for so long, I thought that it came out before I started my career in technology. But, alas, I see that my first website existed before PuTTY was first released in 1999. 😄 Nevertheless, I cannot thank Simon Tatham enough for this valuable tool.


WinSCP is another software I have been using for many years. It works as a file transfer client and a remote editor.

Ultimate MySql Wrapper Class

For this website, I decided not to do content management from the databse, but I still needed a way to allow people so sign up, so I used the Ultimate MySql Wrapper Class to connect and query MariaDB from the website.


HeidiSQL is a marvelous tool for database development on MariaDB.

Keepass Password Safe

The Keepass Password Safe is a password manager with many features. It is free and OSI certified software that I highly recommend.


How do you make a really nice bootstrap button that will copy a value to the clipboard? Try clipboard.js!

jQuery Real Person

jQuery Real Person has been around since 2009. It is a beautifully simple Captcha that few people know about.

Let’s Encrypt

Let's Encrypt is a nonprofit Certificate Authority providing TLS certificates to 225 million websites. Thanks to Let’s Encrypt for the certificates used to encrypt our website and our XMPP traffic.


The artist for the images on our homepage is koctia. The images are licensed through

Last modified July 9, 2020